Jen’s delightfully creative fusion of yoga styles is complimented by her intuition and sensitivity. She balances challenge with moments of sublime stillness. Each class with her is a wonderful new journey.

GS | environmental scientist

Jen is very supportive, kind, and non-judgmental – all of which help me to relax.  This practice is such a wonderful way to focus on our bodies and re-establish that mind-body link which is all too easy to forget about throughout the day.

SR | personal trainer

Jen’s touch is loving and kind, and I feel completely safe and comfortable in her presence.  She encourages openings, in my body and my mind, that I never could have accessed on my own.  After her sessions, I always feel gratitude and well-being; she’s a talented healer!

DW | retreat coordinator

Jen expertly supported me into a state of transformation by bringing awareness to different levels of being.  Her level of touch and approach to engagement is gentle, yet strong without being intrusive.

JF | yoga therapist