My Birthday Twins

Sitting on the floor of my bedroom leafing through my CD collection, I started reading Tori Amos’ bio. Lo and behold, we shared a birthday! I was as tickled as an adolescent could get before the internet, and before a boyfriend nearly two decades later called my first musical crush “Torn Anus.” Even insulted, she’s an easier twin to publicize than “Stormin'” H. Norman Schwartzkopf, Jr. You know, “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war,” and such. I agree with the necessity of sweating in peace, working your mind and/or body to the point of growth and efficiency. It is much easier to manage that process in times of peace, but I fear we won’t have the luxury much longer. Society is starting to fold in on itself like a mobius strip, and anxiety and friction are fueling mini-civil wars all over the country. What happens when they coalesce? We’re going to need generals, fighting for civil justice and a child’s right to safety. Or singing about a cornflake commercial. Whichever.


Adding my voice to the symphony. As my second baby is crawling, crawling, crawling all over the place, I too have new legs moving me faster into the future. The transition into clinical psychotherapy work is one a long time coming, and like any other threshold it is helping me let go of old ways of being that no longer serve.

My most frequently asked question: What is it [exactly] that you do…?

The energy work that passes through me is most assuredly rooted in the visionary craniosacral training I received from shamanic healer Rose Khalsa and my cohorts. Much of the way I ask questions during sessions matches my yoga therapy training through Phoenix Rising. Of course my current studies in family psychotherapy sneak into the processing of what your body’s system has to say.

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