Energy Psychology and Brainspotting

A popular example of Energy Psychology is Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT involves tapping specific meridian points from the crown of the head to the sides of the hands. The tapping is done while recalling a target memory and then again while thinking new, more positive self-beliefs. The physical stimulation of the system of acupoints (the same used in acupuncture) is believed to affect both electrical and chemical signals in the brain, help balance the nervous systems, and reduce symptoms of stress.

Modern somatic psychotherapists might utilize stimulation of a variety of human energy systems, acupoints being one, along with mindfulness, movement, breathing, and other brain-body connecting experiences.

Another example of Energy Psychology is Brainspotting, that involves locating points in the visual field that help access unprocessed trauma in the midbrain. BSP practitioners believe “Where you look affects how you feel,” and utilize eye positions that correspond to a wide range of emotions and physical conditions. The body uses its natural self-healing ability via adjusting where it looks to process how it feels. Clients report that after a few months of BSP sessions, memories become less painful, thought patterns are more positive, energy increases, and physical pain decreases.

We don’t need to re-traumatize ourselves in order to release trauma from the body.